How does the consortium ensure that the Adult Literacy Hotline has up to date information about our consortium?

On an annual basis, the Minnesota Literacy Council (MLC) contacts the ABE Coordinator to update the listing of consortium sites and programming on the Adult Literacy Hotline.  These correspondences take place in the fall of the year via an email correspondence from the MLC Training and Hotline Program Assistant who send a time sensitive request, asking for an update of any changes to the information currently listed, new sites not previously listed and photos that can be included on the program webpage.  By logging onto Adult Literacy Hotline the website ( The ABE Manager is able to see the information as it is currently listed and make notes regarding updates to adjust. The ABE Manager verifies all listings with the classroom instructors when a question arises and can submit intermittent changes to the MLC directly.

Mary Z. at Urban Planet is working on an ABE Hotline project with the MN Literacy Council (MLC). The ABE Hotline helps direct potential students to the nearest MN ABE class. The future goal is to have SiD classes feed into the hotline automatically. When ABE programs open or close classes, the hotline will reflect the changes immediately. This will make the changes in real time and reflect more accuracy.

The last time the hotline was updated was May 21, 2019 when our new multi-level ESL class at the YMCA was added.