An overview of how the consortium has integrated the state’s content standards for ABE into instruction to date, considering all CCRS/Aces-TIF and Northstar Digital Literacy

All WEST ABE members have been introduced to each of the three sets of content standards for MN ABE through formal training.

College and Career Readiness Standards training is the most recent content standards to be introduced and the staff has begun to implement the trainings in their classrooms while continuously being trained.  All teachers:

  • Have a clear understanding why the state is implementing content standards.
  • Received the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education, provided by (MDE-ABE), tabbed the pages as suggested and can locate the math and reading content standards.
  • Were introduced to the state implementation plan standards and goals.  And receive ongoing training from the CCRS Overseer
  • Can articulate the instructional shifts in reading and math and standards of mathematical practice
  • Have completed the CCRS Foundations training either through online Moodle through the Minnesota Literacy Council or at the Summer Institute Pre-Conference sessions in August of 2017 and 2018
  • Have been introduced to the CCRS Resource Library through the ATLAS website (

At this time six staff members have participated in the participated in the first two rounds of CCRS Implementation Training as a consortium, including the Program Manager, two lead teachers in Buffalo and Wayzata and teachers from Monticello, St. Michael and another from Wayzata.  Consortium representation is evenly weighted between the CCRS Reading and Content Standards and Math content standards. It is through these trainings and ongoing staff meetings that all staff are instructed on how to make form observations, provide feedback and create multi-year content standards implementation plan for their classes and consortium as shown in Document J.  There are two teams that continually analyze the content standards in both math and reading and aid in consortium purchases regarding materials for the entire staff.

Northstar Digital Literacy Standards (NDL) training has been conducted at all bi-monthly meetings and continues to be implemented when new staff arrives.  We have a goal for each teacher to complete the proctor training to provide assessments for students who may want to receive the official NDL certificate. And all staff is required , per policy, to complete the Distance Learning Basics 101 online course hosted by the Minnesota Literacy Council as a condition of counting proxy contact hours.  This is required for new staff to complete within the first six months of employment.

Academic, Career and Employability Skills (ACES)/Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) Standards training  has been presented through a series of Professional Learning Communities (PLC’S) through online courses and hybrid (face-to-face and online) PLC’s and other trainings through sessions at regional and state trainings and conferences.  WEST ABE has two trained facilitators who serve our local consortium. The staff have all been introduced to the categories of the TIF and the two facilitators continue to train staff on Effective Communication, Critical Thinking and Self-Management.  The two facilitators also train staff on the ACES PLC II, focusing on Learning Strategies, Navigating Systems and Developing Future Pathway categories of the TIF. And the ATLAS website ( proves to be a valuable resource for downloading lesson plan templates, view videos and watch recorded webinars.