Process and Criteria Used in Hiring Decisions

When new instructional staff is needed, WEST has different methods of advertising.  First the opportunity is shared with our current teachers to see if there is internal applicant interest.  If there is none, an advertisement is placed in the local newspapers and their websites, listed on the Monticello School District website or the school district that is hiring, which automatically triggers a posting on the websites of and and we use the CareerForce website  Most recently for the new pilot program at the YMCA, the Executive Director posted the ad on which was the most successful posting we’ve ever had for a part-time position, garnering 24 licensed and qualified candidates with the background desired. We’ll incorporate that site in future postings.

Applicants are asked to submit a cover letter and resume detailing their education, experience, credentials and notified that they must hold a MN teaching license or comparable in accordance with ESL qualifications.  Typically, if we have the option and interest, the top 3-5 candidates are interviewed by the Program Manager. Sometimes there is only one applicant for the smaller sites. If it is a larger site or there is a new program unveiling, the local Community Education Director will participate along with a current teacher representing the subject to be taught.  Preference is given to the applicants that have prior Adult Basic Education or like experience. There is a rating form and standardized questions to make the interview equitable. Special attention is focused on the area of expertise that will be needed to teach adults in the classroom.

A copy of their current K-12 teaching license is requested, or accessed through the Minnesota Department of Education website and kept in their personnel file.  All information regarding their licensure (type, expiration date, etc.) is entered in the SID database and the agency payroll system so that licensure status may be monitored and automatically uploaded to Table 7.